Too Busy To Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women by Kelley Murray Skoloda

About The Book: Table of Contents

       Foreword by Geraldine Laybourne
       Introduction (Link to come)
Chapter 1: Staggering Stats: Buying Power of the Female Consumer
Chapter 2: She's the Apple of Many Eyes: Women Buyers Getting More Attention from Marketers
Chapter 3: What's Wrong? Why Current Marketing Efforts Are Not Working
Chapter 4: Why Are We So Hard to Reach? The Challenge of Marketing to Women 25 to 54
Chapter 5: Remaking the Clock: Women and the 38-Hour Day
Chapter 6: Yes, I Multi-Mind: New Ways to Understand and Reach
"Multi-Minding" Audiences
Chapter 7: Before Women Go Shopping, They CROP: The Credible Opinions Shortcut
Chapter 8: The Keys to Connecting with "Multi-Minding" Women
Chapter 9: The Better Way: A New Approach to Reach Female Consumers
Chapter 10: What Really Matters? Credibility
Chapter 11: Time Is of the Essence: "Quick-Connect" Messages
Chapter 12: The 360-degree "E-Surround" Method to Reach Women
Chapter 13: She's Looking for a Commitment: Consistent Confirmation
Chapter 14: What Does the Future Hold? Multi-Minders Becoming Co-Brand Managers (link to chapter to come)
        Bibliography (link to Bibliography)
        About the Interviewees
        About the Author

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