Marketing to women, who control 85 percent of all consumer purchases and a growing number of business purchases, is no longer a “nice to do” component of the marketing mix. Given today’s economy and high competition for every consumer dollar, marketing to women is a must do activity that must be done well. Too Busy to Shop: Marketing to Multi-Minding Women, reveals what marketers and business owners need to know and do to attract the purchasing power of today’s most coveted buying audience – women.
    Learn more about the book, which is based on research, interviews, and Kelley Skoloda's twenty years of leading-edge work in brand-marketing with major clients. It

Kelley Skoloda, author of the book Too Busy to Shop

explains how to connect with multi-minding women, gain their trust, and tap into their purchasing power. Download an excerpt or see the reviews.
    Too Busy to Shop
leads readers on a journey to new and better ways to market to women. To lag behind and do less with today’s powerful, techno-savvy, multi-minding female consumer will eventually erode your bottom line.

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